Seeds of Hope Project goes to Inigan Elementary School

Seeds of Hope Project, the official CSR of Mustard Seed Systems Corporation conducts its second outreach at Inigan Elementary School in Rodriguez, Rizal.  Enduring the long ride, a long walk which traverses land, mountain and water the team arrives at their destination successfully.  It is perhaps the farthest outreach that any member of the team had encountered yet.

The journey is a 2-3 hours trek into the school to deliver various school supplies and sanitary kit. During the trek the volunteers need to carry the supplies and then load it into a make shift bamboo vessel to get it across the river.


Smiling faces of students and teachers welcome the team in their destination.  Various gifts for more than a hundred students of Inigan Elementary School were distributed which mainly consists of hygiene kits to help the students in maintaining their health.  

Unlike the previous project, Mustard Seed employees this time gets close and personal with the students as they were divided into groups and sit in with them.  Games and challenges were also played among each of the group which increased the bond between them.

The donations came from various sources including Mustard Seed employees, partners like NComputing, Katinko and others.  Due to the greater problem of the school, a second Seeds of Hope project is being planned for the school this coming December.

For your donations and inquiries please like the project’s page on Facebook.


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